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XETID consolidates as a leading company in comprehensive technological services.

Tomado de/Por: Grupo Comunicación XETID
03/20/2022 - 10:04

With 15 years of experience in the market, the Information Technology Company for Defense (XETID) is consolidated XETID as a leading company in comprehensive technological services.

With more than 20 products and services, this company specializes in the software, automatic and communications industry.

At the same time, this provides management technical and computer consulting services, deployments, technological transfers, development of strategies, information channels and communication; as well as integral technological solutions that guarantee and contribute to the development of the country's computerization process.

Among the main potential of the entity is the creation of a robust infrastructure for the development of electronic commerce. Since 2019, with the launch of the enzone platform, and in alliance with the Central Bank of Cuba and the company Payment Services Red S.A. (REDSA), XETID opened the doors to new business opportunities for companies and businesses. In this way, all the necessary technology for carrying out financial transfers is safely facilitated, establishing reliable relationships between businesses and customers.

Enzona offers the Bulevard service, where you can access virtual stores on the platform and where you can also create your own virtual store if you wish, all online. It has a search engine that allows you to locate, compare, evaluate and buy the products and services offered on the platform.

Likewise, the company has a vast experience in the development of software tailored, since developments are made tailored to the needs and characteristics of customer work processes.

In addition, they carry out the personalization and implementation of standard products, where existing applications are optimized and adjusted to the specific needs of the company or institution. Likewise, the entire software development cycle that goes from the conceptual design to the evolutionary maintenance of the system passing through functional design and architecture, development, testing, quality control, start-up and support .

On the other hand, the entity offers infrastructure services on which the entire computer system of an organization is supported. This provides several network features, safe information storage and large-scale data processing.

Xetid puts at your disposal a series of resources that will allow you to support all the management systems of your online institution by accessing through smartphones, laptops and tablets to manage personal and business data, safeguarding information at all times.

IT infrastructure services cover a wide range of solutions including design and assembly of data centers and computer networks; design and assembly of situational room or control center; design and assembly of scanning center; Design and assembly of office of procedures and the design and assembly of security systems. Another of the essential components of the work is the realization of specialized consultancies.

With several years in the TICS sector, its consultants provide knowledge that will help organizations in the process of transformation towards the digital age. Based on the analysis of the objectives of the institutions, they will design the strategies to achieve them and will help them invest correctly in the necessary resources for the computerization of their processes. XETID offers comprehensive or thematic consulting services.

Integral ICT consultancy starts with a diagnosis that covers the areas of processes, information systems and technological infrastructure and ends with a roadmap that contains the projects and actions to be carried out in the organization to achieve the desired state in the areas examined.