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We offer technological solutions for the public sector, contributing to the computerization of Cuban society. Our aim is to provide better services to citizens, increase the efficiency and transparency of all procedures and promote popular participation.

Our line of business aimed at government computerization is supported by a digital platform for the integrated management of public services. This constitutes a dynamic tool for popular participation in the governance of a country.

Bienestar is a Cuban platform developed by XETID that is based on open source that allows the optimized modeling, efficient integration and controlled execution of processes that order the processing and acquisition of official documentation issued by government entities.

Also, this solution is a two-way communication channel between citizens and government institutions.

Our platforms help to establish automatic flows among entities for a better use of resources and, likewise, enhance the creative capacity of organizations with popular participation.

We have highly integrated solutions in order to monitor approaches and serve the population.

We design computerization strategies and modernization plans for government institutions, maps of information systems and technological architecture for public services provision.

Also, the implementation of control panels and analysis tools support the decision-making process for managers and public servants, all management levels in general.

Other solutions are part of our portfolio of products and services for online government management. These allow institutions and businesses to manage their clients' appointments and facilitate their access to their services in an orderly manner.



Computerize your government processes through our solutions.

We work for a more efficient, reliable and interactive governance.



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XETID in Computing 2022: Renewed and with new opportunities

21 de March del 2022

To be held from March 21 to 25, 2022, the XVIII edition of the 2022 International Informatics Convention and Fair.