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Software development

At XETID we have refined our software development processes over the years. We design and implement computer applications that will help you to computerize processes in your organization.

We provide custom developments adjusted to all the needs and characteristics of our clients' work processes. In addition, we do the customization and implementation of standard products, where we optimize and adjust existing applications to the specific needs of the company or institution.

We cover the entire software development cycle that goes from conceptual design to evolutionary system maintenance, through functional design and architecture, development, testing, quality control, implementation and support.

Our production lines are organized in areas of knowledge that respond to the domain of the solution, with resources that allow us to carry out our solutions with quality and speed.

We have highly qualified professionals, integrated into multidisciplinary software development teams, who master the necessary technologies and processes for the computerization of your business different areas and that will accompany you in your digital transformation process.

The fundamental product lines in which XETID works are:

ICT infrastructure

Designing technological systems, computerizing processes and establishing computer systems are complex processes that require certain preparation and technical experience.

With several years in the ICT sector, our consultants provide the knowledge that will help organizations in the transformation process towards the digital age. Analyzing the objectives of your institution, they will design the strategies to achieve them and help you to invest correctly in the necessary resources for the computerization of your processes.

XETID offers comprehensive or thematic consulting services. Comprehensive ICT consulting begins with a diagnosis that covers the areas of processes, information systems and technological infrastructure and ends with a roadmap that contains the projects and actions to be carried out in the organization to achieve the desired state in the areas examined.

Thematic consulting is aimed at projecting IT in specific aspects of the organization, such as:

  • Design and integration of software projects.
  • Modernization projects for productive and government sectors.
  • Logical design of data center and cloud services.
  • Specialized diagnosis in cybersecurity.
  • Accompanying organizations in their digital transformation process in Mobility, Automation (IoT) and Intelligent Information Analysis projects.

ICT Consulting

IT infrastructure is an essential component for technology services. The entire computer system of an organization is supported on it. It provides us with several network functionalities, secure information storage and large-scale data processing.

XETID offers you a series of resources that will allow you to support all the management systems of your institution online, having access through smartphones, laptops and tablets to manage personal and business data, safeguarding the information at all times.

Our IT infrastructure services cover a wide range of solutions that include:

  • Design and assembly of data centers and computer networks;
  • Design and assembly of situational room or control center;
  • Design and assembly of digitization center;
  • Design and assembly of procedure offices;
  • Design and assembly of security systems.

In addition, XETID provides cloud-based technology services, so your organization will not have to rely as much on your IT team to manage and maintain systems.

We offer our online infrastructure services, through our business cloud called XUTIL, where your organization will benefit from the storage and processing of our servers. You can count on an application service online available 24 hours a day, guaranteeing not only the security of the applications and their data, but also the access to automatic updates to the implemented systems.