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DLUJO is an online platform used to sell reservations from different hotel chains and accommodation facilities.

It has an easy-to-use website that provides visual information of the different accommodation options in the territory, showing images of the facilities in general, their rooms and amenities.

From this site, you can book, immediately, the accommodation service, making the payment online. The system has a confirmation method for reservations, via email, which guarantees that once you make the reservation, you will receive your confirmation invoice through it. In the same way, it has the option of canceling and refunding your money, in case you decide not to make the reservation.

At the moment, the Popular Camping Company of Holguín is applying it, as a test, for the realization of its reservations.

In order to access the offers available on the platform, you must visit the website and once in it, create a user account in the Register session, declaring your email address and establishing a personal password.

In the sections, Our Facilities and Attractions, you will be able to see all the options that the facility offers, for example, if it has a river, swimming pool, shops, game rooms, among others.

In the Rooms section you can see photos of its amenities and characteristics, as well as the price of each of them. From there, on the Book Now button, you can pay for the room you choose, through the ENZONA platform with cards issued by any Cuban Commercial Bank (Metropolitan Bank, Bank of Credit and Commerce (BANDEC) and People's Savings Bank (BPA). The platform has a session called Testimony, in which you can leave your opinion and even interact with other people about the service offered, issue complaints and suggestions.

In the same way, you can obtain information about the hosting facility through the chats on the WhatsApp and Telegram instant messaging applications.





The DLUJO platform offers benefits, not only for the accommodation facilities that use it to sell their reservations but also for clients who choose to book through this site.

As the administrator of an accommodation facility, DLUJO offers you the possibility of increasing reservation sales, since it is an online platform; it reaches viewers from all over the country quickly.

It accepts online payments through the ENZONA platform, guaranteeing speed, reliability and security.

It allows greater interaction with customers, obtaining real opinions and a better approach. It guarantees 24-hour support through chat and direct help by phone.

As a customer, who decides to book using this platform, it gives you the possibility of making reservations and payments online, from the comfort of your home, quickly and safely, through the ENZONA platform.

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