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Voxes. Solución para eventos en línea


We offer you a simple and secure platform to develop your events and reach as many people as possible with a minimum of expenses.

With voXes you can:

  • Interact with your students as in a traditional classroom, even if they are geographically dispersed. Meet securely online to discuss, present, and collaborate from multiple locations.
  • Influence, train, attract and communicate with your target audience through online conferences.
  • Save valuable resources such as time, fuel and money by minimizing the movement of people and the logistics costs of any event.

The voXes Platform offers the following functionalities:

Schedule meeting or conference type events by a user with the Presenter role.

Invite the participants of an event through their email by sending the information related to the event and a link with the access credentials.

Share the desktop of the user who is moderating the meeting or giving a conference, making it possible to present materials or carry out demonstrations.

Control of the audio and video devices of the participants of an event allowing the microphones of the participants to be muted and direct attention to one or more people.

Global or public chat for the exchange of ideas and opinions during an event. Private chat to exchange questions or criteria personally.

Share files with event participants in various formats.

Request the floor by a participant to the moderator to ask a question or exchange an idea with this and the rest of the participants.