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ENZONA:New functionalities

This year the ENZONA Platform has been decisive in the current situation that the country is facing against Covid 19.

The number of users who use our services has increased, the cash figures moved month after month are on the rise and are becoming more customers who use the electricity service payment facilities. In this time there have been several updates of the APK and WEB environments, and in the latter with very positive results for the sector of clients that use the iOS Platform.

Likewise, the number of Self-Employed Workers, Non-Agricultural Cooperatives and Companies that register their businesses in ENZONA to carry out electronic commerce has increased thanks to the integration facilities, already adding more than two thousand registered businesses. Without a doubt, for the ENZONA work team it has been a challenge because, as in dissimilar sectors in the country, we had to adapt to the new work scheme where we were no longer all physically in the same place and that obviously constituted a challenge for all of us. the senses: organization, control, planning, traceability, collaborative work in the virtual environment, etc.; but the results obtained give us great satisfaction.

There are several services that have increased in recent months for citizens, among them we have EliZ, a personal assistant or chatbot (as it is technically known) that provides interactive help to platform users based on artificial intelligence and maintaining a continuous customer service.

On the other hand, there is the Transparency service that allows customers who make a claim to ENZONA to know what state it is in and who is specifically attending it and the time that has elapsed since its creation, going through the different states. until its closure. In the same way, this year the donation service was added, where accounts enabled in CUP and CUC are maintained to date in all provinces so that citizens who wish to do so can make their contribution to the country in order to mitigate the damage caused by the Covid 19. This is a service aimed at contributing to social causes, mitigating problems caused by meteorological disasters, among other causes that are of interest to the country.

From the beginning of ENZONA we defended the concept of inclusivity, that is, as a principle we intend to reach a greater number of clients who use our services and for this we had to think about the large number of users who use iPhone or other devices with an operating system iOS, hence the creation to a large extent of a WEB environment that would allow this user sector the same facilities provided by the APK version. To date, the only alternative for this user sector is the ENZONA website, since the blockade measures themselves prevent our company as a sector from being able to get involved in the development of applications for the iOS Platform.